MVC Involving High Angle Rescue
By FF/EMT M. Windsor
December 7, 2021

On Tuesday, December 07, 2021, at approximately 14:30, Dentsville volunteers were alerted to a Motor Vehicle Collision involving a High Angle Rescue in the area of 9900 Penns Hill Road. Engine 151 with Chief 15 arrived on the scene to find an incident involving a tractor-trailer, cable and electric lines, and a utility truck with a subject injured and stuck in the truck's bucket. Chief 15 established command. Command held Engine 151, Squad 10, Engine 143, Ambulance 149, and Chief 10. SMECO Crews arrived on the scene at the same time as Engine 151. SMECO crews used their bucket to bring the injured subject down to safety to the awaiting EMS crews. Two patients were transported to local hospitals for further evaluation. Chief 15 then terminated command, and all units returned to service.

Units: Chief 15, Engine 151, Ambulance 158
Mutual Aid: Bel Alton VFD, Newburg VFD, SMECO